The Coast is not your typical art scene

Enjoy an unique mix of film festivals, live theater, and world music.
  • February 16 – Mendocino Film Festival:  Short Films on Love.  Matheson Performing Arts Center, Ford Street, Mendocino  707.937.0171
  • February 16 – Mendocino Stories and Music Series “PURA VIDA Hot Latin Sounds”  Dance to salsa band PURA VIDA’s eclectic Latin rhythms; all-ages dance party.  7:30 pm.  Hill House, 10701 Palette Dr, Mendocino  707.937.1732
  • February 22 – Comic Opera “Lovers and Telephones”  Performances of two short comic operas plus selections from two other comedies.  8 pm.  Helen Schoeni Theater, 45200 Little Lake Road, Mendocino  707. 937.1018
  • February 23 – Mendocino Stories and Music Series “FRIDA’S CIRCUS”, ELECTRIC DANCE PARTY  Driving rhythms, funk, reggae, blues, and pop.  7:30 pm  707.937.1732

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